Saturday Night Fever
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Disco Era Fun

It was known as the decade of dance...the 70's.  It was John Travolta that symbolized the Disco era of Saturday Night Fever.  Now you can invite your  families to a fun, high energy return to the 70's with all the fun and music of the Bee Gees, Donna Summer, and, yes, The Village People.

But its more than just a night of great music.  I'll have everyone on their feet to join in the fun.  Disco dance contests, The Stayin' Alive Hot potato contest, along with group dances like the Hustle and the Bump.

So bring out the platform shoes, the bell bottom pants and the polyester white suits.  Its a Saturday Night Fever party at your school. 

The Saturday Night Fever Night is three hours of non-stop family fun and includes:

>> Professional Sounds System
>> A fun DJ to host all of the fun and games
>> Tons of great dance music and memories form the 70's
>> On Line guest your families can pick their favorites in advance