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Helping Shoppers Get Their Groove On

Retailers like Macy's, The Gap, Wal-Mart, Kroegers, Fred Meyer, and hundreds more are realizing the huge advantages of staging on-site DJ events in their stores.  It's the hottest new trend to attract attention and create a splashy promotional event.  Not only does it draw a crowd, but it keeps shoppers in the store longer.  The DJ plays demographically appropriate music, gives away store premiums and prizes, keeps the crowd up to speed on in store events and hourly specials.  Read our FREE report on staging a high powered promotional event.  Every detail on the key ingredients for an affordable, high energy, event. 

Now you can get a FREE detailed, step by step, guide to Staging a Successful DJ Event at Retail....from the company that has done hundreds of these events.  From pre-promotion to day-of event layout and production is all yours just by clicking here.

Even National Public Radio recently did a special Marketplace report: 
Helping shoppers get their groove on.


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