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Music of the rock era from the 50's to now.

Whether it's Elvis, Elton, or Miley Cyrus we'll span the decades of great music from the rock era... and party to the best music ever recorded from then 'til now. 

But music is just the soundtrack for a great night of fun.  Your families will be kept busy all night with group dances, games and family interaction from start to finish. DJ Productions will come prepared to make this a night of great memories.  I'll do hula hoop contest, bubble gum blowing contests, lip sync, and course the fun dances of every era:  The twist, the Hustle, Electric slide and Macarena.  Maybe even the 5th graders will teach us some hip hop.

You let the families know DJ Productions is coming, decorate the cafeteria, and we'll take care of the fun. 

The History of Rock and Roll Family Fun Night is three hours of fun and includes:

>> Professional Sound System
>> A fun Party Patrol DJ Host
>> Tons of great music from every era
>>On-line guest requests