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60's & 70's Music

There is something magical about the music of the 60's.  The Beetles, Elvis, The British Invasion, Dave Clark was a fun and simple time.  That's why the Sock Hop is still our most popular Family Fun Night.

It's a chance for you to introduce your daughter to the simplicity of the Poodle Skirt (you remember, the one your Mom wore to the prom)  and the guys will love slipping into a plain white tee shirt and jeans and greasing back their hair.  The Sock Hop is a night of non stop fun including a hula hoop contest, bubble gum blowing contest, Limbo, lip sync and more.  And of course the great dances:  The Twist, Hand Jive, The Swim and does anyone remember the Hully Gully?

The Family Fun Night Sock Hop is formatted and organized and is hosted by one of the it's hassle free and easy for your planning committee.  Just invite your families, decorate the cafeteria if you want, and let us make the night a great memorable event for your families and neighbors.

The Sock Hop is three hours of fun and includes:

>> A professional sound system
>> Fun interactive DJ Party Patrol host
>> Props and organized activities
>>On-line guest requests, so your families can help by picking their favorites in advance